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In Memory of my wonderful dogs


​​My first Cairn Terrier!.  He loved to play frisbee and his best friend was Hammurabi the pug.  He learned so quickly.  Every time there is a thunder storm now I know he is safe and not scared.  I miss him every day. 


​​My first Pug!.    I miss him every day.  He was Rebel's best friend and help raise so many Cairn litters.  He was sweet and kind.   We got Hamm because my husband Bill loved Pugs! 


​​She was my first Bred By Bitch Champion.  She was my be all end all Cairn.  A real dark beauty and I miss her everyday!


Chase who came to live with us from Sue Angelo.  Chase earned his championship while living with us and sired some stunning puppies.  He was a sweet loving boy and we miss him very much.  He passed away in 2020 at age 14.


Dirty Harry left this world a better place.  He was 16 years old and gave me so much.  He had four champions from his first litter, Paint, Partner, Georgia and Duncan.   Such a lovely Cairn and I miss him so much!

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