Alcovy Pugs began September of 2016 with the additon of Pippa and in 2018 Paxton to our home!  Puddin' my beautiful black girl came in 2019.  

Pippa is from Peachtree Pugs and was bred by Vallerie Cuttie, she is related to our Hammurabi who has lived with us for 14+ years.   Pippa is out of Apple Pi and Hoss and is the last breeding that Valleria plans.   I do plan to show Pippa but do not know at this time is I will breed her.  

I am using Alcovy as my kennel name for our pugs because it has a wonderful meaning for my husband and I. 

Pippa will begin her show career at the Cherokee Rose Dog Show in Atlanta. Pippa is now a Champion and working towards her Grand Championship and has won a BIS at an International Dog Show.   She is a beautiful Pug girl and loves the judges!


She has become a big Falcon Football Fan!  Like them she is a Winner!!


In 2018 Paxton joined our family!  What a blessing he has been.  A beautiful boy who loves everyone and not afraid of anything.

Paxton's breeder is Pat Sheppard of Shep's Pugs.  Pax Man has been shown in the 4-6 month puppy classes and earned a beautiful Rosette when he was awarded Toy Group One.  He is such a healthy happy pug boy.  Paxton hit the show world and being the center of my attention. He finished his championship before he was two with 2, 4 point major wins!  He has made me appreciate how beautiful wrinkles can be!

Puddin' Joined my Grumble of Pugs in 2019.  I am so excited about my beautiful black girl.  She was bred my Tina Wilchar, Neva Greenwald and Michele Bearden.   Puddin' is beautiful spirited girl who will be in the show ring soon!


calm puddin.jpg
porch puddin.jpg
Puddin head.jpg

Puddin' earned her first point in this new Covid world of Dog Shows.  She is turning out to be a beautiful black Pug!